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2020 was not a good year

I’ve not posted, written, or done anything for a year due to personal issues.

Robert C. Trevor, Empress Hotel 2015

First, my father deteriorated over Christmas and eventually passed away in March.  (Brain cancer.) My mother and I took care of him at home, right to the end.  During this time, the first Covid-19 lockdown happened … even the nursing staff eventually stopped visiting, and we had to administer his morphine shots and attend to his other needs ourselves.  Even without the emotional dimension, it was a slow and undignified end to a great life.  And we were mostly on our own.

Although the funeral itself took place in the crematorium parking lot, the local church did allow a few of us in for a ceremony.  So that was something.

Then there was all the paperwork.  Months and months of it.  Much of it was done electronically, but even so, we still used up all twenty notarised physical copies of the death certificate.

After all that, I inherited a ‘new’ car: a 2006 Honda Civic LX with 15,000 km on the clock.  So, barely driven, practically a new car.

Unfortunately, six weeks after this car was transferred to me, I was driving to work when an oncoming driver crossed into my lane.  I stopped.  He didn’t. And the impact sent me ricocheting into the car behind.

  • The police charged the other driver at the scene.
  • The insurance company assessed the damage and declared the car “uneconomical to repair” and low-balled me on the write-off value due to its model year (they compared it to other cars for sale of the same model and year, but high mileage).  Negotiations ensued, leading to a compromise value (midway between their opening offer and what I would have paid for it).
  • Although my physical injuries were minor compared with what they could have been, I’m still having weekly physio treatments and weekly chiropractic treatments.

On to car number two.  It took some hunting because I became obsessed with trying to get the closest car I could to the one lost.  I could get the same model easily enough, but high mileage.  Eventually, I found a 2012 Honda Civic Sport with 60,000km.  It has the right body shape and interior design (I really like the split-level dashboard), though the colour scheme is different, giving it a different ‘vibe’.  But it was the best I could do.

While all this was going on, a good friend of mine was knocked off her bike by a car and broke her sacrum, the next-door neighbour’s adult son committed suicide, some distant relatives and friends of the family got serious illnesses, … and apparently there was some virus or other?

So that was 2020.  The lost year,  The year that sucked for many.  But now it’s time to get back to living.

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