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About Peter

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PETER TREVOR writes science fiction thrillers with mystery, intrigue, and space fleets.  His new book, Frozen Watch, is due soon.

He was born in England but now lives in beautiful British Columbia (Canada) … land of bears and deer, water of orcas and salmon, and artists of every stripe.  There, with the help of some friends, he grew a small writing club from a dozen members to over 1,800 before stepping down at the end of 2020.

Peter has had a long career in software development, working for major corporations in banking, engineering, and the travel industry.  And when he’s not working or writing, he likes to play tabletop RPGs with his friends, and watch SF shows (such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Stargate).

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A Writer’s Manifesto

  1. I believe that it’s up to each and every one of us to be the best possible versions of ourselves.
  2. I believe that it’s okay to be different and that no one can take away what makes you unique.
  3. I believe that stories make us better people because they expand our minds and show us life through someone else’s eyes. 
  4. I believe that stories change lives–they’ve changed mine in immeasurable ways. 
  5. I believe that human nature is inherently good, and that most people are just doing the best they can.

That’s what I stand for. How about you?

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Peter L.S. Trevor